What´s happening at Eatraxx?


EATRAXX 2023 - Teams up with BBC for worldwide usage of  its music for a wide range of shows being produced  by the multinational company covering crime, drama, sports, family, documentaries, celebrities, culture, worklife, travel, movies and much more..

EATRAXX - Yet another placement in Alice in Borderland - Season 2, after huge success in Season 1 - Good Times, performed by voice behind Iron kid, Sam Medina. Scored and synced to footage by Eatraxx for Netflix Japan.

Eatraxx supplies music worldwide for major and featured  movies, tv series, realities, juvenile series, spots, trailers, artists and has so far thousands of placements worldwide, various no1 songs at top video and radio charts, and many times multiplatinum sales with top 10 European and Asian artists. This web is created to provide music supervisors and companies with one-stop music for any need and also for artists and labels to be able to solicit services as of production, artist design, mastering, mixing and Eatraxx always provide licensing opportunities for artists working with the company. 

Access to all albums on DISCO can be provided to invited music supervisors, creatives, commercial agencies and production companies here. 

For music production and composition inquiries feel free to send inquiries to licensing@eatraxx.com or eatraxxlicensing@gmail.com