Eatraxx artist service including licensing.

Eatraxx offers a way to get into licensing through the worldwide network of the company. This service is mainly offered to artists and composers lacking production skills and ways to get their music out there. Here´s how it works.

Artist pays a fee as of production and being included in Eatraxx network. Songs with best placements value are chosen, and Eatraxx produces the composition. When finished, the works are promoted through DISCO to the company´s connections in the industry. The agreement is 50/50% split on author rights and of course, Upfront/licensing fees, the way it should be, and it´s also non-exclusive. The artist_composer must be able to record at location and provide Eatraxx with high quality vocal files. Eatraxx does NOT work on " produce me, and we split the benefits " proposals, since that time is rather taken to make a new song earning 100% on such work. There are millions of artists but only so many PRO producers. Eatraxx does NOT guarantee any placements, since such decisions are made by the client of the music search, not Eatraxx, and what´s offered is - The OPPORTUNITY.

Producer: Erik Nilsson, multiplatinum producer and composer for Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal music with grammy album nominations and a recent song on world´s no1 sales album, Kanjani, 8Beat, released 27/11 2021.

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